Monday, 4 May 2009

Peter and Moxey's Bank Holiday Adventures!

A much welcome break from the shackles of working life came in the form of a Bank Holiday weekend! Sunday was spent scoping out the Grey Heron colonies, with no real change in numbers from last year, if only we had a decent climber to get to the nests - I have the co-ordination of a drunken orangutan with two hands tied behind its back! Spent a while watching a dozing Tawny Owl get pestered by a pair of Chaffinches whilst a Chiffchaff called away.
With a 4pm curfew (Sunderland vs. Everton), we stopped by a stubble field in Altcar to speculatively pick up a few chicks....Lapwing chicks....only managed the one! And then a good evening watching the Steven Pienaar show!

And so with some miserable weather making its way in on the Monday morning, we avoided the hoards of shoppers going to B&Q and headed to the Sewage Farm. The drizzle was persistant, which is usually optimal, however the wind was too strong and the swifts and hirundines weren't as plentiful as we'd hoped. We did end up with a bunch of Starlings, a Wren and a Whitethroat. Not what you would expect when the target species were Swifts, House Martins and Swallows. Either way, we scoped some decent sites for next time.

On the way home (car fitted with roof mounted binoculars, courtesy of Moxey) Moxey wanted to check out the Palid Swift at Seaforth. My response was muted, not being a fan of twitchers, especially watching them trample through the bushes to get to the fence, when it would have been just as easy to go around. Anyhow, rant over, the Palid Swift was showing well.

Moxey doing a spot of Hi-Vis Birding.

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