Friday, 30 October 2009

Greenfinch Recovery

Ian emailed over a Greenfinch recovery that has just come in from the BTO.
VP60096 Greenfinch 3M ringed by me in Moxey's garden on 29/11/2008 was found dead in Durkar, Wakefield in West Yorkshire on 29/08/2009, a distance of 101km.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

How to catch a Black-shouldered Kite

I know that this has been a long time in coming, so here we go.

In the evenings at Santo André, Moxey loves sitting at his vantage point and watching the Marsh Harriers and Black-shouldered Kites coming in to roost, just as the Barn Owls emerge and can be seen patrolling the ditches. At this point, I was usually wandering back from the nets having just closed the lines, but a few nights a week we would try for nightjars and so I would be out there until after dark (having to wait longer for my ice-cold Super Bock was only tolerable if I had a bounty of avian delights). With Moxey reporting roosts of 10 plus BSK's, it was no suprise to me to find them roosting on the net poles after dark. I was suprised however that I could stand underneath them and chat away (they seem to enjoy listening to tales of Everton's greatness), shine a torch at them.

In a moment of endeavour, I raised my furling stick to the Kite - no reaction. Closer - no reaction. A gentle poke to the chest - a slight shuffle.

It was one of those eureka moments I think. Next night, after dinner, we wandered out, headlamp on my head, landing net in one hand and the promise of glory if successful.


Coming next: How to catch a Griffon Vulture with a shoelace.