Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

December has been an awful month for ringing here in North Liverpool with only two sessions attempted as a result of the strong winds and rain that are the scourge of any ringing session. Two session at Brook Vale yielded a very low return, with only thirteen birds ringed which seemed to echo the observations at our other feeding sites where there has been little activity, insufficient to warrant a ringing session should the weather have agreed.

With plenty of cancelled ringing sessions, its left time to catch up with jobs around the house and making sure all of the data is entered on IPMR ready for the end of year submission. Recently however, there has been a resurfacing of the link road proposal between the Thornton relief road (yet to be built) and Dunningsbridge Road at Seaforth, this would run straight down the middle of Rimrose Valley Country Park, destroying Brook Vale Nature Reserve and Fulwood Marsh. It would appear the Peel Holdings are looking to capitalise on the fragile state of the economy, relaxed planning legislation and the promise of jobs. I don't want to go into the proposal in too much detail here, but as a group of ringers, we will challenge the proposal and the impact that it will have on this important area for wildlife.

In the next few days, I will release a summary of 2011, a record year for Blackcap, another good year for Swifts and four excellent trips to Portugal. Until then, have a hilarious new year!