Sunday, 5 August 2012

Scouse Ringer no Verão: The Ciência Viva Sessions

Over the past two weeks we've run two Ciência Viva sessions in the Minho, at Veiga da S.Simao and at Paulo do Coura as well as participating in the Madriz session here in the Mondego. These 'open-house' sessions are for members of the public to come and witness science 'in the flesh'.

These sessions are also good opportunities to attract new trainees to ringing and a number of individuals expressed their interest in visiting future sessions.


  1. Hello Peter, What does the Portuguese in the title mean? Cheers, Seumus

  2. Hi Seumus,

    It means: Scouse Ringer in Summer: The 'Living Science' sessions. Ciencia Viva is a cool project that brings members of the public into contact with people who 'do' Science.