Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wilde and Windy Start to 2013

Following my return from Holland on New Years Day, I had hoped to get out ringing the following day, but it was just as well we didn't venture out as we got a considerable amount of precipitation. And so it was Thursday before we could get out to Kings Moss to get 2013 off to a start and, despite the wind being stronger than was forecast, we decided to persevere and proceed with the session.

We were joined by Daniel early on followed by a youngster that goes by the name of Findlay, Findlay Wilde - the boy, the myth, the legend....and his dad Nigel. You can read about young Findlay's experience here.

The wind wasn't the only troublesome feature of the weather, the temperature not only left us pretty toasty, but it probably also contributed to the lower catch rate with birds preferring to opt for natural food sources rather than the tasty morsels that we had on offer. The lower catch did however, provide opportunities to spend a little more time explaining things to the youngsters, Finn, Dan and.......Moxey (he's only 31 - not many people know that).

The first bird to be ringed in 2013 was a Lesser Redpoll, one of two caught during the first net round in addition to a solitary Brambling. The rest of the catch was to be as expected, with lots of retraps and a few finches. There was only about twenty Chaffinches observed during the morning but they weren't that interested in the food on offer and there weren't that many Greenfinches or Goldfinches apparent.

Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla)

There was one bird that Findlay expressed that he really, really, really (I could go on) wanted to see a Willow Tit because he had never seen one. It was only fitting that when we caught one, that this was the first bird that he would ring. For a young man of only ten years, he certainly knows his stuff, but we set him to work on ageing the retrap Blue Tits...

A Scouse Ringer and a Findlay, ringing his first Willow Tit

By the end of the session, the wind had dropped and it was a flat calm and then it began to drizzle....nothing new there then!

Lesser Redpoll -   2
Goldfinch -   2   (1)
Chaffinch -   4   (1)
Brambling -   1
Blue Tit -   3   (15)
Willow Tit -   1
Great Tit -   (3)
Robin -   (1)
L.T.Tit -   (1)
Greenfinch -   4   (1)
Blackbird -   2

TOTAL:   19   (23)

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  1. Great post Peter, I think we did well considering it was quite windy. I learnt loads (and when I say loads I mean loads). From Findlay